Cohort Representatives

Each year, students from each cohort volunteer to serve as Cohort Representatives for their respective cohort. As Cohort Reps the hope to support the Pathways community in their research and professional development, while also fostering community and mentorship among and across the different cohorts. Their goals include the following:

1) Make sure all members feel supported,
2) Establish a sense of community within and across cohorts,
3) Communicate cohort needs to the Pathways Leadership Team, and
4) Plan social and virtual events that support cohort needs and interests.

Below are the Cohort Reps for the 2021 academic school year.

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First Years
Mission Statement: To lay the foundations for our academic, personal, and professional pursuits while creating a space for the bright minds of the first-year cohort to flourish.

Second Years
Mission Statement: To foster community and collaboration among the sophomore cohort, while promoting opportunities for research that will advance our professional goals and academic interests.

Third Years
Mission Statement: To promote unity and provide support for the junior cohort to confidently navigate virtual learning and research.

Fourth Years
Mission Statement: To promote confidence among the senior cohort as they prepare for graduate or professional school and to ensure they feel supported in the process.