Student Publications

Congrats to our Pathways students for their hard work and authorship on published articles during their undergraduate career!

Aracely S., Pathways Graduate
Omega-3 fatty acids increase OXPHOS energy for immune therapy of Alzheimer disease patients

Bami A., Pathways Graduate
Improved Titer and Gene Transfer by Lentiviral Vectors Using Novel, Small β-Globin Locus Control Region Elements

Caroline C., Pathways Graduate
Reverse gene–environment interaction approach to identify variants influencing body-mass index in humans

Emma D., Pathways Graduate
Stable retention of chloramphenicol-resistant mtDNA to resue metabolically impaired cells
Intracellular Photothermal Delivery for Suspension Cells Using Sharp Nanoscale Tips in Microwells

Isaac G., Pathways Graduate
EED is required for Male and Female Primordial Germ and Cell Differentiation in the Embryonic Gonad
Developmental Cell, In press

Daniel J., Pathways Graduate
Diesel exhaust extract exposure induces neuronal toxicity by disrupting autophagy. 

Rose M., Pathways Graduate
Chromatin is the same in a relative way (But you’re older)

Saitiel S., Pathways Graduate
Increased lactate dehydrogenase activity is dispensable in squamous carcinoma cells of origin