Where Are They Now?

Pathways c/o 2020
Bami A.: Applying to MSTP Programs
Alfredo A.: Sales Development Representative
Caroline C.: PhD Candidate at Harvard’s System, Synthetic, and Quantitative Biology Program
Emma D.: PhD Candidate at MIT’s Biology Program
Jesus G.: Applying to Medical School
Isaac G.: Attending Valderbilt’s School of Medicine
Hannah Hayes: Lab Tech at University of Oregon’s Institute of Marine Biology
Janelly J.: Applying to Medical School
Michelle L.: Applying to Medical School
Rose M.: Applying to Medical School
Kyra P: Applying to P.A. School
Daisy R.: Applying to Pharmacy School
Aracely S.: PhD Candidate at USC’s Neuroscience Program
Alexis T.: Applying to M.S. programs in Physiological Science
Kyra F.: Applying for PhD programs

Pathways c/o 2019
Emily G.: Applying to PhD Programs
Jasmine H.: Applying to P.A. School
Dan J.: Applying for Dental School
Hamilton Oh.: PhD Candidate in Stanford’s Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Program
Monique O.: Applying to MD and MD/PhD Programs
Saitiel S: Applying for Medical School
Miriam V.: Associate Research Specialist at Children’s Hospital, LA

Pathways c/o 2018
Oye B.: MD/PhD Candidate at UCSD
Jacqueline L.: Attending UCSF’s Medical School
Daniel L.: Applying to Public Health Programs
Laura R.: Clinical Research Coordinator